Suicide Lyrics - MOP

(feat Teflon)

A lot of niggaz talkin reckless
But if you wasn't from the hood you wouldn't understand what it is
Y'knahmsayin? We gon' clear it up right now
A lot of reckless talk out there
I'ma let y'all know my Family in tact
My whole Family in tact
My First Family in tact For life (Marxmen!)

Yo! You ever look into the eyes of the Grim Reaper?
Watch a man die when the shots fly and the shit heat up?
You in deep but it's too late to back out
And now it's like your whole life is under a black cloud
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
And you always swore before you wasn't scared to die
But take a look in your eyes and see the fear in 'em
You know them niggaz comin they came here to get him
And they ain't playin with him they aim and spittin
Give him a closed casket they plain sicker than Ol' bastard
If only he can go backwards to the days
And change when he used to throw those ratchets in nigga's face
Stole packages from nigga's place of business
When they was tryin to make a livin they ain't forgive him
And niggaz stay forgettin so as soon as he came home
From state prison niggaz came and hit him

(Suicide it's a suicide)
When you don't know who to try cause even you could die cause
(Suicide it's a suicide)
Gotta rely on your wits can't get caught up in the mix kid
(Suicide) Right or left choose a side
Life or death you might be the next dude to die (Marxmen Marxmen)
What's your next step? I'll let you decide
(Suicide Marxmen)

Yo it was a chick named Dawn she used to get it on
Honey had niggaz slippin money up in her thong
At the strip club givin dubs 20 a song
And if the price was right she might come with him home
She was fuckin one of the customers Asam Allah
Dude was a fool used to walk with her under the arm
Used to take her to Jamaica lay with her under the palm
Treat her like a queen really all he was was a pawn
She only seen him as John he ain't mean nothin to her
She was just leadin him on he just feedin into the con
All along and he felt that that was real and nobody could try it
She came home and gave homes the virus
She got nice can't turn a ho to a housewife
And he stabbin it raw dog gamblin without dice
Now he ready to snuff out her life
Cause the aids results back they ain't come out right


They used to meet up every night at the gamblin spot
After all the block business was finished of scramblin rock
They'll meet up at the spot get a couple of drinks
All the fly cars in Bronx pullin up in they mix
Lock the door buy the bar out this is our house
Everybody's laughin there's cash in large amounts
They tappin glasses toutin it's a family thing
Catch a case won't nobody in the family sing
That's what they think all along they all was wrong
It was a dude with a device strapped to him recordin
Every convo that they had where they sellin where they scorin
Dude got knocked before but said he got off with a warnin
And they ain't get the message 'til the next mornin
When detectives stormed in the door arrest 'em and took 'em all in
Now what they wanna know is who put the call in
Toss him off the bridge and turn his kids to orphans


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