Carp Lyrics - Guttermouth

Time it's always there but not on my side
Time it ticks and ticks as my life passes
Time it's time to go to work and go to school
I see a fucking problem here

Get up get dressed my friends it's time to go to work
Fuck that I think I'll stay in bed instead

Work oh boy it's fun to sweat
Work is it fucking lunch time yet?
Work I'm sorry boss my car won't start
I see a fucking problem here

The long-awaited song "Carp Lyrics" distinguished performers "Guttermouth". The other day saw the light and was presented to the general public. Unfortunately, you cannot download this song on the site. You can only the lyrics of the song "Carp Lyrics - Guttermouth." If you like the song, you must make it available to your friends.

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