Bang Lyrics - Shyne

I done fucked the baddest bitches ask Trina
Give her coke to stuff between her said she loved my demeanor
Felonies and misdemeanors I'm vilified
I just rap on the side black mafia ties
Prolific words I speak for the unheard
Niggas who love guns money girls and furs
Sittin' up in the mans' runnin' shit
On the phone moving bricks orderin' hits
Perfected the game diamond infested the chain
Niggas think I change I just want to watch 'em change
Livin' the American dream
Drugs violence sex and loaded magazines
That's all I could talk about in these sixteen
'Cause that's all I live ask Tibs
It is what is either graveyards or consecutive life bids shit

[Chorus: x4]
Niggas want to bang we could bang
Niggas want to slang we could slang

Niggas want to bang we could bang out
Till the clip's done or your vital arteries hang out
Ham a cot Bad Boy the black Camelot
Raise the price and connect the dots
Through life's journeys all I need is a couple of mack mils
A couple of mils and good attorneys
Skatin' on big blades goin' out in a blaze in my last days
I'll probably die with a bad drug trade or an overdose
Without tellin' my moms sorry it was close
My wife and my bitch fightin' over my notes
All my niggas skied north makin' a toast
Till hell just gimme bad bitches in Channel
Connects wit Chinese cartels and that new SL
And the judge that's gon' set my bail

[Chorus: x4]

I'm on top of this shit look at the wrists
Too much rocks in this shit ain't that a bitch
Make hits til my last breath
With that nigga the P you double F
So lay back in the cut motherfucker 'fore you get shot
I kill niggas on the spot like a cop
I did it all four seasons suites to a cot
Give bitches nothing but breath mints and this cock
Call me what there's a way to eat
And all we got is sports entertainment or the streets
I'm in deep think of Citibank when I sleep
Ching ching like I was from Shaolin
Brooklyn nigga what you say keep stylin'
My air force ones you couldn't walk a mile in
I love politics narcotics and violins
Bad Boy forever we move in silence

[Chorus: x4]

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