Message To Me Lyrics - Carbon Leaf

Where oh where is that little child that used to play?
Another turning of the page another churning of the day
Are you tired of the same? To much flower dulls the brain
(your rhyming's stale again)
I was hoping to be wise Vision is two realeyes
I've read a lot of HowTo books on how to take action
(If you would kindly lift the blanket from my eyes)
Appalachian woman is a century plus old
Is there something to be said here? Hope you
Few and Far between are these rocks to hop
So set up shop and get to work
No such thing as a living room
When you sit around
Streaked a frozen lake just to test testosterone
Message to me (did a world of good)
Lost eleven pounds to the tracks in Ireland
Never bet on the likes of a horse named
Robin Hood
I would give anything to visit History
Anything to replant History
Oh to dig for parts of me
Stem to branchtrunkseed
Caught the theme of just what life's to be
The specters speculate
With their pounding on my head
They're rattling my bed
The slumber sucks you in
I didn't hear from you
And you and you on my birthday
Message to me? (I'm quite the same way)
Building new boats instead of Raising Titanics
What am I trying to say?
We swim or die We sink or burn
We try and fail (but try)
This message sent to me is that
This picture ain't complete
Run along live Don't sit around

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