Ruthless Queen Lyrics - Kayak

With a quivering voice you spoke the word
Shadow came between us sharp as a sword
Gone is my gladness and vanished my pride
Cause luck didn't stay on our side

Lapped in luxury I cried for the moon
But the game is up it all ended too soon
Awakening came as a bolt from the blue
At last rumours seemed to be true

Oh my ruthless queen
You are still the treasure of my dream
It's the twinkle in your eyes
That took me my surprise
Oh my ruthless queen
I just can't accept our love has been

I bear you no malice you'll show no remorse
Love is dead and gone it was no endless source
Your sudden leave was the finishing stroke
Considering everything broke


Please don't tell me you couldn't care less
While I feel like a ship in distress
Oh my ruthless queen
I just can't accept our love has been

I can't bear to see you go
But it's all part of the show you perform
Letting romance fade little by little
Our love was precious but too brittle

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