Out Of My Mind Lyrics - Colbie Caillat

You called me on the phone today
Said those words you always say
And I cried.

I've gotta figure out what's going on inside this head of mine
I try.

I'm going crazy thinkin' 'bout the way I shouldn't have left it all behind.
But now I'm gone and somethings wrong
I changed my mind.

I'm so in love with you
I don't know what to do this time
And though you're out of sight
You're never ever out of my mind.

I saw you just the other day
Those feelings never went away
And I smiled.

I told ?
And I want us to be friends
And we'll be alright.

Don't know what to say
It's getting harder everyday
But it takes time.

You should know
I'm coming home.


and as the time passes by
I fall asleep without you by my side.
I go out of my mind
Remembering the way we were.


oh no no no no.
Ooh ooh

I'm so in love with you
I don't know what to do
This time.

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